Exams can be stressful but by giving your children the right food their brains need for memory and concentration you can help them cope with the pressure and help them achieve better results.


First of all a nutritious breakfast with protein, complex carbs and fibre is essential for the brain to have a steady supply of energy. As much as children ( of all ages ) often chose this, it’s not beneficial to give them high carb foods like sugary cereals or white toast with jam. This results in a surge of energy followed by a slump causing lack of concentration and sometimes anxiety. There are lots of really good options that don’t take too long to prepare :

*Organic or free range eggs🥚( boiled, scrambled or in an omelette) with wholemeal or rye toast and some cherry tomatoes 🍅to provide protein and choline used to make acetylcholine the brain’s memory messenger. 
*Banana pancakes 🥞( blend a banana, an egg and some oats) cook and add a little honey and some berries - high in protein and fibre and taste delicious.
*Wholemeal or rye toast with peanut, 🥜cashew nut or almond butter
*Muesli ( with oats, seeds and/or nuts) and yoghurt with a little honey 🍯with some fresh fruit on top like berries
*Bircher muesli that can be made and kept in ramekins in the fridge for 3 days - grate apple 🍏 and mix with plain yoghurt, oats, ground flaxseed and honey

If they are not hungry you can make a smoothie with protein powder, berries🍓 and flaxseed for them to drink.

PART TWO tomorrow includes suggestions for better sleep and foods for helping with revision. 📚