According to the British Heart Foundation, Cardiovascular Disease causes 26% of all deaths in the UK, nearly 160 000 each year.  An unhealthy diet increases the risk of chronic diseases, particularly CVD in a variety of ways. Foods high in saturated fat, sugar and salt can result in obesity, raised cholesterol levels, arterial plaque and high blood pressure. However, a nutrient rich diet containing fibre, omega oils and antioxidants can slow the progression or even reverse cardiovascular disease. 


Most people are aware of the risk factors but may not know  that nutritional intervention can be used to reduce harmful cholesterol (LDL) , decrease high blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health.  Dietary changes and a supplement programme can be used to improve cardiovascular health including:

  • Anaemia
  • Angina
  • Blood pressure (high and low)
  • Circulation (Chilblains and Raynoud’s disease)
  • Cholesterol (high and low)
  • Elevated Homocysteine
  • Strokes