Client Testimonials


"I had a few problems developing in my life from lost loved ones, pmt & simply did not feel right. I never buy over the counter products for health so i searched for a professional nutritionist...I found Amanda Allan.  She has a wonderful reassuring logical nature & knowledge second to none.  I check in with Amanda regularly for updates & refer to her for the rest of my family.  We all feel great...the professional way. Thank you so much Amanda."

- Jane, Kent

"I just wanted to let you know that I have had some excellent results already!  I have only been taking the recommended supplements for 6 six days and the difference is actually quite remarkable. The need to eat every couple of hours and craving for carbohydrate has improved by at least 90%."

- Emma, London

"Your understanding of the demands of a stressful job and travelling for work allowed for flexibility in the dietary advice you gave me to lose weight that I wasn’t able to maintain before. Brilliant – thanks!" 

- Rob, Surrey

"I brought my daughter to see you because of panic attacks she was experiencing. I just wanted you to know that she has followed the dietary advice you gave her and taken the supplements and they have made such a difference in such a short time. Thank you so much"

- Julie, Guildford

"I just thought I would let you know the good news.  I went to the doctors and received my Cholesterol results.  My cholesterol is now 5 instead of 7 so I don't need statins. Thank you very much!"

- Marie, Surrey

I recently visited the doctors for my 50 year MoT.  Like a sad and rusty old banger fit for the breakers yard, I failed on practically everything.  Dodgy steering, bald tyres, fluids leaking out everywhere, terrible emissions and broken windscreen wipers.  The list of failures was long indeed. I went to see Amanda for a 90 minute consultation that I expected to last 2 minutes... "You need stop doing everything that provides joy in your life, eat mung beans etc" she would say.  Only she didn't.  

She patiently went through my diet in detail, giving the knowledge as to why things were good and not so good (and terrible) and suggested alternatives.  No pressure, no hard sell, just the facts.  Amanda also offers plenty of encouragement and support for those that need it (being told by a doctor, a nurse and a qualified nutritionist that I'm fat, unfit and probably pre-diabetic was good enough for me)!

Two months down the road, my trousers don't fit me anymore and I've had to shove a screwdriver through my belt to make a new hole.

 You've got to want to do it but a friendly and knowledgable ear certainly helps.

  Steve, Surrey November 2018