During your initial 90 minute consultation we discuss the areas covered in the Nutritional Profile Questionnaire you would have completed and returned to me before our appointment. This diagnostic questionnaire has been designed to identify the links between symptoms of sub-optimum health and specific nutritional deficiencies. Your objectives, current health concerns, medical history, lifestyle factors such as levels of stress, exercise and current diet are all included. It is helpful to bring any test results you have with you too.

It’s important that you are confident you can follow the recommendations I am to give you in your individual nutritional programme so I will always make sure of this. Some of my clients find it is beneficial to complete a food diary for the first couple of weeks. This enables me to provide support and make any beneficial changes that can make all the difference in getting the results you want. 

If necessary I will recommend biochemical, diagnostic tests that can be very beneficial because the approach of nutritional therapy is to identify the cause of your symptoms .Any medicines you are currently taking will be taken into account before specific supplements are recommended. Your personal nutritional programme will include dietary recommendations, a vitamin and mineral supplement programme and lifestyle advice. I am available between appointments if you have any questions or concerns or to give you feedback on food diaries you have sent me.

You will also be given detailed handouts relevant to you to take with you. If you find it helpful, I offer packages where we regularly discuss your weekly food diaries so that I can advise you of any beneficial changes you can make until you are confident you are making the best choices for you.